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The winery is located in the “Barrio de Las Cuevas”, in the Cerrillo Verballe de San Asensio, in the heart of Rioja Alta. This hill is fully excavated forming “Calados”, a network of undergrounds where the wines rest at a constant temperature of 13ºC.

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Today we continue to make our wines at the winery, which has been passed down generation after generation by our Lecea family. After an arduous recovery task, we have increased capacity by rehabilitating caves in the hill that where no longer in use.

The winery is made up of four buildings and four underground cellars where their wines rest. It reaches a depth of 14 meters and a stable temperature of 13ºC throughout the year. Entering them is a trip to the past and you could understand the history of wine and move to the most curious winemaking customs of our ancestors.
The combination of wooden and concrete vats makes us understand the evolution in wine making.




The production of our wines is made from our own harvest, which allows an exhaustive control of production, selecting the oldest vines for the most special wines.

The winery is mainly characterized by the perfect combination of modernity and tradition.


We have the most innovative techniques (fermentation through controlled temperatures, automated pumping over…) and we defend the traditional in terms of care and preserving our wines; that are kept in perfect conditions in the underground drafts of the XVI century.

Special mention should be made of the process recovered over time to obtain the “Corazón de Lago” wine. A carbonic maceration wine made in the old stone press and stepped on with the feet.


Vinos procedentes de viñedos propios en Rioja Alta

We have 30 hectares of our own vineyards, all located in La Rioja Alta, a few kilometers from the winery. We work with white varieties Viura, Malvasía and Chardonnay. In red, mainly Tempranillo and others such as Garnacha and Mazuelo.

The vines in the Valpierre area have stony soils and are more than 600 meters above sea level, which provides the right acidity point for our wines. The lower areas, such as Davalillo, Matarrucho or Camino Real are clay-calcareous and provide aromas and roundness to our wines.

It is worth highlighting the vineyards in the Valdecabra and Villavacas areas. Almost 50 years old guarantee its quality, for which, with its harvest we elaborate our Reserves and Great Reserves.