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Discover the origins of Rioja wine


Dive into the XVI century caves


Enjoy the grape stomping


Taste grandfather's wine


Discover the colors of la rioja


Enjoy the #LeceaExperienca


Historic wine caves from the XVI century

Bodegas Lecea is located in the Historic Neighborhood of Las Cuevas de San Asensio, La Rioja. In this same hill there are more than 300 cave cellars built in the 16th century by the village farmers for the storage of wines at a constant temperature of 13ºC. The Lecea Family has maintained four cave cellars in operation where it continues to make its wines in concrete vats in the traditional way. The tour of this winery will take us back to the origins of Rioja wine

Come to know and enjoy the wine culture

Lecea Wine Experiences

Wine is an experience from the grape to the glass. In our centennial family winery, we have been practicing and sharing this for centuries. In the past, our grandparents taught us and today we want to share this experience with you through wine tourism.
Discover the #Lecea experiences throughout the year in San Asensio, La Rioja
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Standard wine tour

Visit to the 16th century winery.

Visit its rock-cut caves + wine tasting. DETAILS AND PRICES

Premium wine tour

Vineyard and aperitife + visit to the winery and wine tasting.

Wine activity of the time and aperitif through the vineyards DETAILS AND PRICES


La Rioja gastronomy

Rioja menu, potatoes with chorizo ​​and lamb chops. In our dining room in the cellar. DETAILS AND PRICES

Special tour and tastings for groups.

Check speacial prices for groups with wine tasting and snacks for you. DETAILS AND PRICES

Combine all the experiences

Combine all the experiences to your liking with a special price. DETAILS AND PRICES

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Festival of the grape stomping

An event that each year increases in the number of visitors who want to participate in the trodden, and with which we make our most artisan wine, the "Heart of Lake".

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We preserve the oldest production methods, the traditional grape treading and the aging of wines in the cellars excavated 500 years ago. We farm our own vineyards in the village of San Asensio, La Rioja Alta for the production of 10 wines with a lot of personality.
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living history

Since the 16th century, our ancestors have been cultivating vineyards and making wine in the town of San Asensio, La Rioja. For 4 generations we have named our wines with the family name, Lecea. Following in the footsteps of our grandparents, we still make the wine underground caves with 500 years old, in the historic neighborhood of wineries in our town. At Bodegas Lecea, we fight for the history of La Rioja lives on in our cellars and we preserve the tradition of wine continues to be present in these modern times.

Here, the grape is stepped on.

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