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This activity is carried out during a weekend a year and its date varies depending on the harvest, which is conditioned by the weather, although it is usually in late October.

An event that we have been carrying out since 2011 and that each year brings together thousands of visitors to see the production of our most artisan wine, the “Heart of Lake”.

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For this, 15 days before the old winery was filled, recovered for this purpose, with 18,000 kilos of Tempranillo grapes. A carbonic maceration wine is made so it is necessary to add the grape "Without breaking".

After the fermentation time in which the sugar of the fruit has been transformed into alcohol, the winery is allowed to drain to remove the "tear", which is the must that has fermented outside the grape due to a break in its skin.

At this time, coinciding with Saturday, is when the “treading” process begins and it is the moment when the activity begins. All the people who have come to our winery will have the opportunity to enter the winery and step on the grapes. From this process we will obtain the “Corazón de Lago”, a different and special wine that reminds us of the wines of yesteryear. Different and unique.

The next day, Sunday, the grape skins, the skins, are pressed into the truffle.


Throughout the weekend, the event is completed with different activities for all audiences, grape treading for children, a craft market, tastings of our wines and typical products of the area, horse-drawn carriage rides…

All you need to do is come with comfortable clothes, take off your shoes and get down to business!